Django 1.0.1 released

Está nueva versión es para corregir los bugs de la 1.0. Se recomienda hacer el upgrade en aplicaciones en desarrollo y en producción:

  • Several fixes in django.contrib.comments, pertaining to RSS feeds of comments, default ordering of comments and the XHTML and internationalization of the default templates for comments.
  • Multiple fixes for Django’s support of Oracle databases, including pagination support for GIS QuerySets, more efficient slicing of results and improved introspection of existing databases.
  • Several fixes for query support in the Django object-relational mapper, including repeated setting and resetting of ordering and fixes for working with INSERT-only queries.
  • Multiple fixes for inline forms in formsets.
  • Multiple fixes for unique and unique_together model constraints in automatically-generated forms.
  • Fixed support for custom callable upload_to declarations when handling file uploads through automatically-generated forms.